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Automatic Bilge Pump
« on: March 20, 2016, 08:00:44 AM »
I thought that I would document projects that have stood the test of time. Before any passage, I always clean and inspect the bilge to make sure everything is 100%.

15 years ago, I installed a removable automatic bilge pump system. It uses a screw PVC coupler and snaps into a couple of clips for easy removal. There are two float switches. One float switch is attached to a toilette ball which makes it adjustable and keeps it out of the muck. The other float switch is attached to a high decibel alarm which sounds if the water level ever gets above the bilge pump. It has never sounded except for testing.

The automatic bilge pump is wired using a barrier strip for easy removal and re-installation. I considered a connector for even easier access but discarded the idea as connectors and bilges do not mate well.

 I have serviced it many times over the years and consider it a successful project.