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Remote Thermostat
« on: May 15, 2016, 07:33:30 am »
One of the issues I have had with cool weather on the 33 was the inconsistency of my heater. I always used a simple space heater with an internal thermostat. I had to place the heater in the middle of the salon to get reasonable temperature control. I always wanted a remote thermostat so I could place the heater out of the way and still have consistent heat where I wanted it.

Last year I found a wireless remote thermostat on ebay which had a 15A relay in the base unit. I purchased it from China. It had all of the standard "smart" thermostat programming. Two daily two temperature settings plus settings for Saturdays and Sundays. The wireless thermostat runs on a couple of AA batteries and the base unit runs/switches 120v or 240v.

I built a box with an outlet that plugs into a wall socket for the base unit. (I am currently using it for 240v) It is necessary for me not to permanently mount it as I have learned from experience that all consumer grade electronics must be properly stowed for a passage. (I use a lot of slide-lock bags.) Salt saturated air in a storm tends to eat electronics exposed to it.

The remote thermostat worked great over the winter. I no longer have to get up and turn down the heat. A simple press of a button does it. I programed it to bring up the heat in the morning so making breakfast is much more comfortable. It comes with a stand for sitting on a flat surface. I also made a wall mount in the salon for it. It has been a useful gadget for deLight.