Author Topic: We're BAAAACK! (again!)  (Read 2296 times)

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We're BAAAACK! (again!)
« on: October 19, 2014, 03:21:09 am »
Hi all!!  a HUGE HUGE thanks to Dave Covert, our super webmaster.  Once things settle down, I'll pass the hat and we'll thank Dave properly.

Our new forum is located here:

For some reason (and to answer Jules' emailed question, I'm not sure WHY they'd WANT to hack our piddly little forum), we got hacked again.  After a huge effort on Dave's part, it has been recovered/reincarnated yet again.  This time we've kept it sweet and simple, and hopefully that will leave less holes that those frikkin hackers can get in through.

The Home page is now just simple HTML, which I can maintain and add to easily, this includes a links page and a CSY history page.  The forum itself is the main thing, and the link is now easy to remember (just remember it's forums plural).

We are back to the original SMF forum vs the Kunena forum that we have had in the last year.  (referring to the background software that runs the forum).  You will see a few differences--the biggest ones for users will be (a) a great help file for using the forum and (b) PRIVATE MESSAGES (Yay!!)

In the move, the passwords did not get moved over.  So, to get back on, you'll have to reset your password, from here:

Enter your email address, and assuming it matches up with one in our database, it will reset your password and email you a link to get on and set a new one.

SOME USER ACCOUNTS DID NOT TRANSFER!  I think it is anyone new since Oct 2013.  So if you appear not to have an account at all, just create a new one.  After you are "IN" you can PM me and ask me to move any messages that may still exist under the old account to your new account.

Some of you may notice that some of your messages are not attached to your (current) account.  For example, I noticed that my Dave had messages in the forum under the account names of both Soggy Paws and Dave McCampbell, and only one account that was active.  As an Admin user, I have the ability to "re-attribute" orphan messages to a current account.  So if this matters to you, please PM me with the old account name and new/active account name (according to the forum), and I'll merge them.

If you don't like the displayed "Username" you have ended up with, you can change it.

If you have changed your email address recently, you will need to log on with your old email address and change it within the system.  If you don't have access to your old email address (for the password recovery), just create a new account and PM me to merge your old messages into your new account.

Like the  previous forums, even registered users can't see each other's email addresses.  This is a bit of pain if you want to contact someone, but it prevents spammers that manage to get on the forum from "harvesting" our email addresses.  Use the Private Message function for contacting other members privately.  THEN you can exchange email addresses.  I can always help you get in touch if you need to.

If you have any trouble getting back online, let me know!

Soggy Paws the CSY has been sold but not forgotten!