Author Topic: External Chain Plates on CSY 33?  (Read 1534 times)

Arlington (Sonny) Lambert

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External Chain Plates on CSY 33?
« on: February 28, 2011, 07:25:38 am »
Has any CSY 33 owner on this forum ever installed external chain plates on their boat?
I have read the posts of others regarding installing exterior chain plates on their 44's, but have never seen anything on the 33's. Just wondering if anyone has done it or considered it as I am thinking about it.
Also, what is the thickness of the windows on the 33? I am getting ready to replace all my windows and would like to have the material on hand before beginning the process, if possible. Thanks in advance for your responses.


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External Chain Plates on CSY 33?
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I split this into 2 topics.
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