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General Discussion / Re: Gross tonnage /net tonnage
« Last post by Jules Shockley on December 09, 2017, 10:18:24 AM »
If it's a walkover, per my documentation, gross tonnage-22grt, net tonnage-16nrt. I have managed to find a wealth of info on our website and on line. Would be difficult restoring an old boat without the internet.
General Discussion / Gross tonnage /net tonnage
« Last post by Edward on December 08, 2017, 01:52:33 PM »
Hi guys I’m new here and I just bought a CSY44. Now I have to get a canadain registration. Can anyone tell me the gross tonnage and the net tonnage as this is information they are asking for.
Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
Systems / Re: Electro Scan
« Last post by Brett on December 02, 2017, 10:30:35 AM »
I'm on my second unit since '96. Installed under the forward shower seat and plumbed to the original through-hull under the sink on a 44 WO.

Unfortunately, our unit has been siting in the box all this time...cruising and other fun has interfered with the install.....since we have installed a hatch in the forward shower seat and can now access that space, I thought it was time to try to get this done.  Although now I'm unsure there is enough room in that area for easy access to the plumbing and the unit.  Gypsy Rose ....did you put your access hatch on the front of the seat or the top ? ....I'm thinking about putting the unit under the V berth instead....any thoughts ?
For owners that still have their perkins 4-154 this is a jewel of a place.....
TAD quoted me 2500$ for a rebuild kit not including the head kit ....parts4engines price is 580$
for everything. great pricing and quick shipping from england....Ed
Engines and Drive Train / Re: Possible source for Perkins 4-154 fresh water pump
« Last post by Roy Timpe on November 27, 2017, 09:34:40 AM »
Beware.  Perkins modified the impeller design over the years.  The Bobcat water pump I received would have worked, but the impeller was the wrong shape.  The rest of the pump was identical.   The impeller on my pump is more triangular, and the impeller on the pump received is more rectangular.   The pump description is below:

Fits Bobcat Skid Steer Loader(s) 843 (s/n 13001-later)
Replaces Bobcat OEM nos 6599948, 6630541
Engine: Perkins 4.154 Diesel
Includes mounting gasket
With hub
Hull and Rig / Re: Transparent hatches
« Last post by Peter Hibbard on November 21, 2017, 08:10:32 PM »
Hatch Update - All hatches have been cut and an insert replaced with a "bronze" tinted 3/8" thick acrylic 19" X 19"sealed with butyl and stainless steel screws. There was a transition period to tighten and re-tighten the screws to seat the butyl and also to trim the butyl. Now all hatches are tight and leak free. A significant amount of light now enters the saloon, sleeping area and head.  To modify this entry during high sun, we snap on screens to help moderate this.

Hull and Rig / Winches - re-Chrome
« Last post by Peter Hibbard on November 21, 2017, 07:46:58 PM »
I have some winches on my CSY 37B JAZZ where the chrome over brass is worn away pretty much and was thinking about re-chroming them. Has anyone done this? Any recommendations on vendors? Any idea on pricing? I am in Florida so in-state would be my first choice.

R&H Plating in Ft Lauderdale is a potential option from internet.

Any experience here would be apptreciated.

Swap Meet / 44 Walkover Parts
« Last post by Jules Shockley on November 20, 2017, 12:02:00 PM »
I recently installed dingy davits with new rails. Should have done this 10 yrs ago. I have the aft 2 piece pulpit in good shape if anyone needs it. Also the God awful, original midships boarding ladder, and a port trailboard in good shape. Free to a good home, but you'll have to pick up as shipping would be darn near impossible. Perhaps you are in Florida or traveling through for the holidays. I am in Hobe Sound, near Stuart if anyone is interested. Almost forgot..a 44 w/o.
Hull and Rig / Re: CSY 33 Rhapsody - Keel Inspection or Conversion Port?
« Last post by Rhapsody on November 18, 2017, 09:36:13 PM »
Hat off to Rick, he peeled the bottom and built up a new layer.
As good as new now.
Never had delamination problems when I owned Rhapsody, had a few mini-blisters but it was in the gelcoat only. My surveyor was not concerned amd when I sold Rhapsody to Andrew in May 2013, his surveyor did not find any delamination either, clean bill of health, bottom and boat.
Age finally caught up and Rick, the 6th owner of Rhapsody, 1979 CSY 33, hull #19 did the right thing putting on a new bottom.
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