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General Discussion / Hello from a new member
« Last post by Atanua on January 12, 2018, 04:53:04 PM »
Hi All,
We are just days away from finalizing our purchase of a CSY 44 WO. I am feeling a bit superstitious at the moment and don't wish to give her name at the moment. We are retiring and will be full time cruisers. Our previous boat was a Catalina 30. It was a lake boat and we primarily did club racing.

More later when the purchase is completed.
Forum Information and Problems / Re: New Members Read This!
« Last post by Atanua on January 12, 2018, 04:47:56 PM »
Thanks for adding me!
General Discussion / 33’ vessel Psyche up for auction
« Last post by psyche on January 08, 2018, 12:41:55 PM »
Gentlemen, my vessel Psyche was dismasted during Hurricane Harvey. The vessel itself only has minor scrapes but lost its mast,  standing rigging, boom gallow, bow pulpit and several stanchions.
A roof from an adjacent covered slip blew off and swep over the vessel. Had that not happened it would not have sustained any damage. I have owned the vessel for 38 years or since she was built.

Insurance Co. declared a CTL and ask if I wanted the salvage. Had I been younger I would have taken it, but at 70 I declined.

We were in the area yesterday and noticed the vessel was still on land as it had for the last 3 months. We never saw it listed in any of the auction sites that Boat US uses so I called them and it appears they were just made aware of its location. Go figure. Anyway they said it was going to be listed with Cooper Capital Marine Assets.

I just wanted to make the forum aware, in case there was any interest.
Interior / Mattress custom for CSY 44 WO VBerth
« Last post by SvForever on January 07, 2018, 03:17:55 PM »
Available in storage South of Jacksonville Fl.
Swap Meet / Perkins 4.154 parts available
« Last post by SvForever on January 07, 2018, 03:01:30 PM »
Parts in storage near St. Augustine/Jacksonville Fl. I used the heat exchanger. Some gaskets set available. Email
Hull and Rig / Re: External Round Chainplates Design
« Last post by MY TIME on December 25, 2017, 10:22:12 AM »
Unfortunately the answer is no. The bronze rub rail has to be removed first. Then the bolt heads which are a slotted screw head have to be dug out, as they are buried in polyester resin. Also the top bolt is behind the teak trim just below the teak cap rail.
Donald Stengel hull#30 44WO
Hull and Rig / Re: External Round Chainplates Design
« Last post by svsurprise on December 25, 2017, 08:34:47 AM »
Good Morning and Merry Christmas,
A simple question for those who have undertaken the job of upgrading their chainplates.  Is it possible to remove the original chainplates without removing the rub rail?  Are the bolt heads captive or should I expect them to rotate while removing the nuts from inside the hull.
General Discussion / Re: Repository of all things CSY - Dropbox
« Last post by buster108 on December 23, 2017, 11:28:36 AM »
Hi Peter,
Please send me an invite to the dropbox ---

User name - buster108

Thanks, Jim Brotz
Hull and Rig / Re: External Round Chainplates Design
« Last post by Doug Vaughn on December 21, 2017, 06:09:38 PM »
Little Skipper, Thank you for the addition of the chainplate drawings. I am about to undertake the project and have a quote from Fowler Metals in West Palm Beach of $1400 which includes 1/2" 316 SS cut with water jet including the square holes for carriage bolts and bending with a rounding of all edges. The only item not included is polishing which I will do. I do see you have a 10" diameter with a nice curving shape up to the top in 1/2" ss. The Imagine drawings show an 8" diameter with 3/8" ss plate. I had them cut a test plate out of 18ga. material just to get an idea. I'll be going with the 10" diam.
Keep us posted on your progress, I'll do the same.
Swap Meet / Perkins 4-154 Jabsco/Sherwood Raw Water Pump Hat Style Pulley
« Last post by Soggy Geek on December 19, 2017, 12:45:54 AM »
Skip Gundlach posted this on his facebook page.  Not sure if this is a useful bit on the CSY Perkins' (and Dave's not here right now to ask).  Thought I'd pass it on, in case anyone is desperate for something like this.

Vero Beach Free to good home Perkins 4-154 Jabsco/Sherwood Raw Water
Pump Hat Style Pulley

Essentially similar (and this may be the specific part) to this cast iron pulley.

However, before you get all excited:

This pulley had been wobbled-out in a previous life. A friend with a machine shop at his disposal sleeved it for me 12 years ago.

However, it has again wobbled out. Likely the best way to deal with it would be to replace the center, though it could possibly be sleeved again.

Consultation with a machine shop revealed that it was eminently do-able, but would cost a significant portion of the new ones
available, machined from a single billet of aluminum.

Thus, not for me (and I've bought one of those machined jobs) but quite possibly for one of you who has access to the material and machinery to bring it back to useful life.

Free to good home in Vero Beach while we're here (we're looking for a weather window to go to the Bahamas), or wherever else we may be later.

It's such a rare item that I'll not toss it, but it's too heavy to ship cheaply, as well as, frankly, I don't want to mess with it :)

Please, no PMs, nor responding-to-thread.

If you want it, email me.

First come, first served, of course...
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