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General Discussion / Re: Repository of all things CSY - Dropbox
« Last post by halemoku on February 25, 2021, 06:02:23 am »
Hi. Just purchased a CSY 44 and would like to be added to the Dropbox.

Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Greetings from a new CSY44 WO owner
« Last post by SueDarrin on February 24, 2021, 07:26:20 pm »
Assuming it is a CSY 44 Walkover, and it's hull number is 198, then it likely was completed in 1980.
They were top of the line boats when built--the manufacturer refused to compromise on quality and went under during an economic downturn.  I think the last year in production was 1980.

There's a bunch more info on the quality of CSY boats on our website:

There are a couple of CSY 44's I know that were sold to Australians.  One was a 44 Walkthrough last sold in the Queensland area.  My records show it was named Kelbec II and the last known owner is in or from Tasmania.  Another was sailed to the east coast of Australia in about 2010 or 2011, and sold there, but I lost track of it.  The 3rd is Soggy Paws (our old boat).  It is owned by a guy from the Perth area but is current parked in eastern Indonesia because of the COVID lockdowns.  We sailed Soggy Paws from Florida to SE Asia and then got a hankering for a catamaran, and sold her in 2016.  They are great boats.

Good luck rebuilding!


Hi Sherry (not sure how the Quote system works but here goes)

I found the Hull Number it is Txv 44918o18o  (This is how it is on the boat)

the 918 seems strange as all the draws have 198 on them  and i presume the o18o is January 1980 - Correct?

re-doing the engine mounts, fresh water cold line in,, stanchions and rails going on, hard bimini complete, painted but i dont like the colour!!!
General Discussion / Re: Insurance
« Last post by Doug Vaughn on February 17, 2021, 03:39:06 pm »
Did you ever solve your insurance dilemma?
Swap Meet / CSY 44 Pilothouse for sale in San Diego $90K
« Last post by Soggy Geek on February 10, 2021, 02:18:18 am »
This is not my boat, and I haven't seen it personally, but it looks like a great buy.
I heard from the owner that they had upgraded and outfitted to go world cruising but they got as far as San Diego (from Seattle) before they discovered a serious medical issue.  So now it's up for sale, with all new rigging and nearly new sails.

Check it out on Yachtworld here:

General Discussion / Re: Hello New csy owner
« Last post by Mike Zofchak on January 28, 2021, 12:20:56 pm »
Hello Bolobow,

I was just at Harbortown Marina right after the 1st of the year visiting a friend that is wintering there on his Island Packet. Wish I would have known. Are you heading anywhere this winter?
Underway / Re: Captain's Chair = Seat
« Last post by Mike Zofchak on January 28, 2021, 12:15:47 pm »
I am hoping someone has a good solution as I have been thinking about the exact same seating problem.
Systems / Re: CSY33 - Water Tank(s)?
« Last post by Rhapsody on January 22, 2021, 10:49:29 pm »
I heard the second owner, after I sold the boat installed the bladders because the inside of the water tank had deteriorated
to the point of the water being unusable.
Don’t remember the details, but perhaps the tank can be recoated on the inside?
I did it once, took me 6 week with sanding, cleaning, more sanding and cleaning, etc., then I coated it with West System epoxy, I was told it was food grade safe after it cured.
Worked for me 5-6 years until I sold the boat, then another 4-5 years after I sold it before the bladder tanks was installed.
Underway / Captain's Chair = Seat
« Last post by Rick McClain on January 21, 2021, 05:10:18 pm »
I love my CSY44, being a walk-over, if I sit on the lazarett just aft of the binnacle to steer, I can't see out of the very deep cockpit. If I put multiple cushions on the seat, they slide off. When away from shore and in deep water, I usually sit starboard of and next to the aft hatchway above the cockpit since my mainsail winch is on the port side of the hatch, but if I'm in lobster or crab pot float infested waters, I constantly have to get up, turn off the autopilot, steer around the pots, then return to my previous position. I single-hand so that gets tiring to say the least. Has anyone come up with a way to mount a seat that is centered behind the steering wheel that will still let you get into the aft cockpit lazarette and that raises you high enough to see out of the cockpit? Is there another solution?
Hull and Rig / Re: CSY 33 Midships Cleats?
« Last post by Cap'n Steve on January 19, 2021, 01:12:39 pm »
All those extra cleats that Dag & the owner before him installed, got my son and the former Rhapsody through 4 named storms this season in New Orleans, 3 of them with hurricane force + winds.  Not a single cleat pulled out or got loose and the boat came through without a scratch.
General Discussion / Re: CSY Hull Number System
« Last post by Cap'n Steve on January 19, 2021, 12:55:19 pm »
Old girl came through without a scratch!  These are tough boats.

4 named storms hit New Orleans this season.  My son rode them out on board the boat.  Highest winds he experienced were nearly 80 mph in one storm.

As you can see in the photo, not all boats in the marina came through the storms intact...
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