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Systems / Re: Autopilot
« Last post by Ron Barnett on May 26, 2022, 07:41:00 pm »
What motor mount do you recommend? Adagio is a walk over. I'm leaning towards a starbor mount on my pedestal colum. Please include pictures.

General Discussion / Re: New and proud 44 w/o
« Last post by Dutchess on May 26, 2022, 09:54:36 am »
Congratulations Ron! Hope all is going well. I've found I can get responses here and the archives are helpful. I think the FB group is a bit more active.

Sad for you my friend.we live and cruise a 37 and will be on the east coast this summer,would love to come meet you. I could probably make up a good list quick.feel free to call me at 850-566-6275……..
Swap Meet / Re: CSY 37 for free - on hard in Charleston, SC - Project Boat
« Last post by dbcreed on April 25, 2022, 09:15:37 pm »
I have many interior parts (doors, hardware, trim pieces, chain plates etc.) and exterior parts (Barient 27 and 10 winches, sails, bimini, radome, radar mast, standing rigging, running rigging, ground tackle, etc.) and will send pictures of any items folks are interested in. Just ask what parts you'd like

Boat name was Captain Jack (from Greenport, NY on Long Island, boat when new went from Tampa factory to a Connecticut owner)

- Dean
Swap Meet / Re: CSY 37 for free - on hard in Charleston, SC - Project Boat
« Last post by Rhapsody on April 23, 2022, 07:36:18 pm »
Wow, sad story.
What is the name of the boat?
Please post pictures.
Sad to be posting this . . . but I cannot finish the project. 1979 CSY 37 Plan A. Sea trialed and purchased in Long Island in 2016 and transported to Charleston. I have removed the spars, standing & running rigging, ground tackle, chainplates, pulpit, bimini frame, stanchions, winches, traveler, cushions, water tanks, sails, etc. All items are in good condition. Some items are in like-new condition (a full set of cushions and sails). All items are serviceable. All items except the mast have been stored inside at my home.

Let me know if you need spars (mast & 2 booms), rigging, furler, pulpit, pushpit, stanchions, traveler, ground tackle, chainplates, brand-new port water tank still in shipping packing, almost-new Doplhin 1000 windlass, sails which are like-new with 4 years of use (Doyle main, Doyle genoa, Staysail), bimini frame & canvas, Serviced bronze Barient 27 (2), 18 (2) winches in great shape, Garmin GSR 18 HD radome and mounting mast, thousands of dollars of new teak boards and BS-1088 plywood to replace toe rail, cabinetry, etc.). I will take any reasonable offer for these items.

Please call if you are interested. Eight43-Seven08-One541. Dean
General Discussion / New and proud 44 w/o
« Last post by Ron Barnett on April 17, 2022, 07:26:30 am »
This has been like winning the lottery. AdagIo is a dream come true. After 22 years of bring boatless and land bound I'm back to my comfort zone. My 20 years living aboard my West Sail 32 Joshua my return was planned with a West Sail 42. That was becoming a hard find and an expensive one. Then one later restless evening I remember the CSY was a comparable option. Low and behold 18 miles to my south at the Clearwater municipal marina sat the perfect match. In 2002 the owner had gutted her out and was in the process of rebuilding. She was repowered in 2008 with a Beta Marine 60 hp. Fo the past 4 yeasr she has sat unattended too. It had 61.2 engine hours when I took ownership Feb. 10, 2022. Ive moved her to a friend place in Tampon on the Anchor River. I look forward to the next few years getting her back to cruising condition. I hope the forum and Tampa being home territory for the CSY I will be getting helpful info.
Interior / Re: Transom portlights
« Last post by Mike Zofchak on April 16, 2022, 09:46:11 am »
Good Day S/V Halani,

I purchased mine from New Found Metals. Super well built portlights and great company to work with.
Interior / Transom portlights
« Last post by S/V HALANI on April 10, 2022, 08:24:17 am »
I’m looking for a source of supply for the portlights on the transom. Does anyone have any suggestions? They seem to be an odd size.
Hull and Rig / Re: Hard Top Fabrication
« Last post by Soggy Paws on March 02, 2022, 10:46:59 pm »
Hi Mike,

Have a look at this link for what we did:

You should consider what problems a larger surface area hard top will cause you in case you or a future owner runs into a  tropical cyclone.  The difference between a dodger as we did and a full length hard top is significant as the boat yaws back and forth in strong winds.  Whatever you do make sure it is strongly attached to the cockpit combing.  Send photos. 
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