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Hull and Rig / Re: External Round Chainplates Design
« on: August 26, 2019, 01:29:47 pm » any photo for a slightly larger version if needed.

Hull and Rig / Re: External Round Chainplates Design, Original drawing
« on: August 26, 2019, 01:25:04 pm »
Hello gang,
Have been off this site for years but checking back in saw some discussion on the Round Chain Plate design I had come up with in the latter 90's.  My design, was a take off of a design by Tillerson Pearson and Steve Dashew for the manufacture 54'-62' Deerfoot Yachts. You can see their design (10 bolts) in the Dashew's Cruising Encyclopedia page 582. For manufacturing it made a lot of sense, as you could make All chain plates the same and just rotate the tang in the direction needed.  Installation was easy, just drill and insert the center bolt first, the rotate the tang in the direction of the rigging wire, or attach it.  Drill the remaining holes, insert bolts and so on. Easy.  CSY used 3/8" tang material (304 SS) welded to a 1/4" triangular backing plate, with 6 bolts.  I used 1/2" (316 grade SS) (no welds needed and 8  "Counter Sunk" headed bolts also 316 grade.  Plated cut on a C&C machine, but later ones were made at a machine shop locally for other owners and looked perfect as well. Note, countersinking the heads, offered crevice corrosion protection.  Many Hex Head bolts used on CSY's failed, heads snapping off because water/moisture could gain access under the head and over time, crevice corrosion cause the stainless to fail.
Here's a few photos from 2000/2001.
 Note, back in the day, I payed about $300/Plate for material, cutting, final polishing(I did it up to 600 grit).  the bolts alone back then were $9.69 each plus Aircraft 316 Nylock nuts and 1/2" large flat washers for the interior.  I ordered 100 as my Pilothouse was a ketch requiring more plates/bolts.
Important I feel is that, without the ability for heavier material used and double width tangs (4" double vs 2" single) and 1/2 thick material vs 3/8's as well as 8 bolts rather than 6, the plates should last 1/2 century! I feel reason this method makes Chain Plates totally trustworthy for many decades....many.
The limit here on 'file size' prohibits me from including a the diagram which is 178 ks' vs 158 allowed, so I'll post a few of these on my blog site for those interested.
Hope this helps anyone engaged in this project.

Underway / Windward performance
« on: August 01, 2013, 05:30:58 pm »
Hello Paul,
You are correct. "Draft or lack of it will not stop anyone"  Being knowledgeable is more important I think  than having all that one could afford in a boat.  Knowledge, wisdom is essential. yes?  but, well, maybe.. if you're worn out, sick, overwhelmed... then, what the heck is wrong with a boat that is just Dang Good! ??   yeah, I'm just smiling because I know that you and many others here, feel the same... all of us really, are not loosing the fatherly instinct..
Loaded.. we had with our Full Keel,  a 6'11"  draft.  (yup, lot's of stuff aboard-and why I raised waterline thru hulls etc.)

I really did not get to play... in 'Ocean's'.... 

We spent our time in the tranquil Gulf of Mexico and Carribean Sea hoping and planing to do a circumnavigation, but.............and sadly.... did not make it into the Pacific.  A decade in calm waters...... yah?)  no. (BS!)

[Ok, truth.... Gulf of Mexico or wherever...... can put someone.. to the test...., so I'll move onward.]

I'm just really trying to be truthful, having spent a bunch trying to "follow" all info available and found that in my experience I could do 200 mile days, start at the back of the pack and get into the harbor 1st. etc. was a surprising bottom line.  !

Sails certainly matter-their age, size, condition..........usage? sure!  . But... Draft matters too.

Sails beyond a day sailing boat, should be able to handle winds up to 20 or even 25-30 without reefing............Gosh this scares folks!  I have kept full sail up to that range many times and wow... and also...nice!  (right rig, right draft, right sails, right ...Uh, auto pilot!  certainly.. The CSY can as designed, carry full sail up to 30 knots... and I have often....and felt safe.)   Of course, I scaled things back if I needed a break....but it was really enlightening to 'know'...I've been there and this boat is Ok, there.

Fuel consumption/engine power torque,-ratios-prop specs-  gonna get away for awhile?? then tankage, etc.. Lot's of things to be considered.. No one answer.

Paul. Nice to see you are out there still enjoying CSY life... passed by your boat a couple of times taking my dog down to the park in Ft. Desoto.
Stay well, keep a smile, ron

Underway / Windward performance
« on: July 15, 2013, 05:24:37 pm »
Rich and others.
Walk Overs or Throughs are cutter rigged.  I own a Ketch, CSY Pilot House. so my comments should be softened... by your or others comments.

MOST-Tall rigs, built by CSY for the 44's had SHOAL drafts.  Dave and some others will go with what they chose, but I chose DEEP draft. a never ending discussion that...will never end, but anyone paying the big bucks and have desires to do "it in the best manner they can?" should pay attention...sit back and read more...  esp. if they do NOT get this issue.

So, add a taller rig? and minimalize your keel????  Well, that is nice for day sailing in Tampa Bay-what this was designed for...and the Bahama Charter Fleet owned by CSY  back then...and this is where these older boats came from.  (Charter boats)

You can take almost anything and make it 'anything' but, you cannot easily add KEEL or deminish Sail Area, without contantly REEFING-to reduce sail area.

Staysails?  yeah.  Good, I added one to my Ketch, Pilothouse built by CSY..  Why?  To add Options.  Upwind GOOD!  I've needed it "(0)" times.  "zero".  Used it a few times, but I guess in my years out there, I've found other options.

I reduce and take things gently..  (OK hammers, come on...   :)   )

Tensions?  I believe GUT tensions relayed to your brain is fine enough if you are really attuned to your rig but...if you want a meter, then buy one!

keels are NOT some stupid thing!  Why does this BS continue.?  Why?

Sure, you can take a floating raft across an ocean and get wherever it flows. but take a few minutes before you plunk down big bucks and ....well, just take a look at what those gents and ladies use to 'take a determined path' around around the world....

None.. chose little bitty draft.  They go for the biggest keel the boat model offered.

Underway / Tall rig down ICW?
« on: July 15, 2013, 04:52:48 pm »
cruising guides are Sometimes...wrong.

Engines and Drive Train / startermotor rebuilding in tampa bay area?
« on: December 17, 2010, 08:45:35 am »
Hello Adam,
Not sure where you are in Tampa Bay Region, but I opened up the local YellowBook this morning, as requested by the McCampbells and found about 10 places under "Alternators, Starters and Generators"

General Discussion / What other forums do we want/need... if any...
« on: June 26, 2009, 08:37:41 pm »
Hello Dave Covert,
Thank you for staying with the project.

Your question has been answered by me/KISS.

 Although not responded to, by you, I still firmly believe,

Underway / climbing the mast
« on: June 26, 2009, 07:56:40 pm »
Hello Warren, Have sent a few emails to you over the past few months and wonder.. did you get them?

If not, you cannot go wrong with REAL steps/ up or only at the TOP.
At the dock, almost anything works.  Away from the dock when shit happens, wear diapers and suck it up tight.

I've suffered serious bruising years ago, and now WANT to be a mast hugger!


Hull and Rig / Shoal vs Deep Draft
« on: May 08, 2009, 09:03:19 pm »
IF: you want DEEP DRAFT or SHOAL DRAFT info that has been available, try reading this link and/ OR, report  your thoughts:


General Discussion / What other forums do we want/need... if any...
« on: April 30, 2009, 09:15:12 am »
Good morning!
Good start Dave and thanks to all involved.

I was happy with the Topica Forum except for not having a working Search function.

The site was simple.

I just went back 8 years into the CSY@Topica site using only Feb. and March to see how many posts were there and if there was a trend:
We could read into such a small survey that there were increases or decreases in activity or it's just normal for a standard group(if there is such a thing).

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