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General Discussion / CSY 44 Buyer Questionsd
« on: January 29, 2020, 03:19:09 pm »
Hello all, and thanks for allowing me to join your forum.  I have been looking at boats for most of a year now, and I have decided that the CSY 44 is the right boat for me.  Now I have questions. 

First question (and I hope I'm not tossing a match into a barrel of gas here): What are the relative advantages/disadvantages of the walkover versus the walkthrough?  I've actually toured a walkthrough, and while I would prefer the U-shaped galley in the WO, it seems a fair trade for the workshop/engine room in the WT.  On that subject, what IS under the cockpit in a WO besides the engine, and how is it accessed?

Next question:  Are there any issues I need to be particularly aware of when looking at a CSY 44 (Examples from other boats: Leaky Teaky decks.  A friend of mine bought a Norseman 447, then found out that it still had the original iron fuel tank that had to be replaced-a common problem-requiring the floor to be cut out in the salon area.  That type of thing.)

Last question (for now): I see many pictures of 44s with what appears to be a clubfooted staysail.  The boat I looked at had Hood furlers on both the jib and the staysail.  Opinions?

Thanks again, Rob

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