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Swap Meet / Contessa Sold in Grenada 10/26/2019
« on: January 06, 2020, 01:36:13 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Tracy and I sold our CSY 44 walkthrough after enjoying her in the Caribbean for a few of years.  A young Singaporean by the name of Yang purchased her.  We bought her from Jeff and Carolee Kingdon in Grenada.  We enjoyed sailing her up to Culebra PR and back to Grenada. After the sale we helped deliver her to Puerto Rico for the new owner.  We thoroughly enjoyed owning Contessa, one of only 3 ketch rigged version of the CSY44. We hope Yang, the new owner, will live happily aboard her.  He has renamed her Medusa after a special Hammerhead shark found near the Bimini Shark Lab.

We had many special moments aboard Contessa: family visits, our youngest grandchild, swimming with the turtles at Tobago Cays.  My favorite was finding a 65lb Mantus anchor at the bottom of Lindbergh Bay St Thomas. It was in very good condition and had no chain nor rode attached.

Thank you everyone for your help with our adventure.  This website was very helpful. I would especially like to thank Sherry and Dave on Soggy Paws for their help and their ongoing work supporting this site.

Martin Tullier

Interior / Hatch dogs diameter?
« on: January 28, 2018, 11:52:01 am »
I have a few hatch dogs with cracked nuts and missing bolt & knob.  I am not at the boat and need the diameter of the dog screw.  I have 2 choices 3/8-18 or 5/16-18.  Could you check the size on your boat?

Thanks a bunch,

Systems / Lightening grounding strip mounting flush or with a gap?
« on: September 27, 2017, 01:12:07 pm »
Ok, sometimes it helps to look at the photos.  I see there seems to be about 1/2-3/4 inch gap between the copper strip and Soggy Paws hull.  

============ composed but superfluous ==============
I have read the lightening resources Soggy Paws has online. Sounds very straight forward but I have 1 question.  Is the 12' grounding strip of copper mounted flush to the hull?  OR to get more area exposed is it recommended to have a gap between the hull and the strip?  Would a gap promote marine growth there?  I imagine it would represent more drag but not too much for a cruiser.

Thank you Soggy Paws

Systems / Purchasing 10 -130 watt flexible solar panels from China
« on: September 15, 2017, 01:18:19 pm »
Just yesterday, I pulled the trigger on the purchase of 10 - 130 watt flexible ETFE solar panels from China.  I plan to mount 5 on the hardtop and hopefully 1 on each quarter and 1 over the dinghy.  We will see how this goes.   The other 2 are spares.  The unit price is US$169 but after shipping and importation fees it will set me back about US$250 each.  These are 1050mm x 700mm is size. I am told they are a custom size/shape. One of their standard panels is 100 watts 1050x540mm.

Do any of you have any experience with thin flexible panels?  Yes, now that I am committed I am asking for your input.  Silly me.

Systems / 44 WT blower for frig and engine and battery exhaust
« on: September 09, 2017, 05:18:22 pm »
Hi All,

I have read the 2012 thread here and the Topica articles it mentioned about engine compartment/blowers. I believe those addressed WOs because I could not follow them very well as I considered our boat a WT.

1) I am interested in venting heat from the refrigerator(air cooled) which has both compressors mounted on top of it.  I am considering some kind of vent from that space through the outer cockpit coaming. I believe the space above the refrigerator is just below the cockpit winch mounting surfaces aft of the propane lockers. 

2) I am considering positive ventilation on the other side (same location as above) to exhaust the engine/workroom/battery space.

I think my big concern is about water infiltration or back flow through the vents. They would be mount below(underneath)  the winches on the outside of the cockpit coaming above the deck but on the side of the boat's cockpit coaming. Problem is the deck is not that far away and it is the side of the boat.  How likely do you think water would be a problem getting into the boat from vents if they were placed there?    Bad idea?  Other ideas?   Just live with not venting?

I understand a keel cooler would be a win-win but $$ does not support that option at this time.

Also when the engine is running at moderate to upper revs it is moving enough air to vents its space.   I would like to positively vent the battery space with out the engine running. We are planning solar and wind to charge the batteries at this time. 

Thoughts? Comments?

General Discussion / New CSY 44 owner joining your forum
« on: August 18, 2017, 08:14:55 pm »
Hello Everyone,
We are new to the forum: Martin & Tracy Tullier.  We saw Contessa a CSY 44' Ketch WT last February and by late April we were the new owners.  We purchased Contessa from Jeff & Carolee Kingdon.  Jeff and Carolee owned Contessa for the past 16 years and did a great job taking care of her.  We made new friends and hope to treat their boat well going forward.  Currently Contessa is in Grenada getting prepared for sailing in December.

I am interested in all the information available about the external round chain plates.  The current chain plates are about 15 years old. Jeff had them replace with the original type internal. 

Glad to be here,


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