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Systems / CSY 37 water tank vent problems
« on: May 04, 2020, 07:16:07 pm »
I have a CSY37 with Fiberglass water tanks on both sides under the bunks in the Salon. When I fill them, when they get to 90-95% full they swell up like a balloon with no water or air coming out the overflow vent. There is a 5/8" vent overflow about two inched from the top of the tank on the forward side next to the Fill that goes to outboard the fill pipe on the Deck. They start to Balloon after the water level reaches above the vent with no air coming out the vent! It seems that there is a air pocket that is not venting causing a air lock because it it trapped due to the water in the vent hose. The tanks are thick fibreglass and strong. It is causing all kinds of stress problems / leaks that we have done fibreglass repairs on. I think I need to move the Vent higher so it can breath properly but can't put it out of the top because there is no room. It seems that the Air pocket at the top and water in the vent hose is causing the problem of the tank not breathing thru the vent when it get 90-95% full! Should I put a vented loop in ? but I don’t see how that would solve the problem! have anyone had any experience with this? Any body with any Ideas would be most appreciated???

Hull and Rig / switching from a Jib to A Genoa on CSY 37
« on: May 26, 2015, 07:25:23 am »
 I Need a new Genoa for my year 1972 CSY 37' Sail Boat. The existing sail is a high cut roller furling Jib that is designed to sail with the stay sail that is a club foot (boom) stay sail. I want the new sail to be a # 2 Genoa that I can reef in with 3 wraps or more on my Roller Furling system when needed. I Live and sail the Caribbean Sea which wind conditions average 15-20 knots.  In 15-20 Knots of wind I would need to furl a Genoa sail in 3 wraps on the Roller Furling! The problem is with the existing set up my Sail Tracks / Block for my Jib is located on the rails where the rails slop downward and aft into the cockpit which works well with the high cut Jib but will not work with a Genoa. In order for the Genoa to work I think I will need to Install new sail tracks / blocks on the rail forward of the existing ones. Does any one have any experience with this problem and having a Genoa sail made for a  CSY 37 ' sailboat and the changes I need to do & set up I have etc.  Should I install the new sail tracks then give the correct measurements to the sail maker. But want to confirm and make sure that I am giving  the correct information so there would be no problems after. Any information that can help me figure out the best solution would be most helpful so I get the correct sail. Also I am thinking of buying a used Genoa as the new prices I am getting are quite expensive. if any one has a head sail that is in good condition or can refer me to where to buy one that would be most appreciated.

Stuart Meyers
S/Y Red Sky

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