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Underway / Captain's Chair = Seat
« on: January 21, 2021, 05:10:18 pm »
I love my CSY44, being a walk-over, if I sit on the lazarett just aft of the binnacle to steer, I can't see out of the very deep cockpit. If I put multiple cushions on the seat, they slide off. When away from shore and in deep water, I usually sit starboard of and next to the aft hatchway above the cockpit since my mainsail winch is on the port side of the hatch, but if I'm in lobster or crab pot float infested waters, I constantly have to get up, turn off the autopilot, steer around the pots, then return to my previous position. I single-hand so that gets tiring to say the least. Has anyone come up with a way to mount a seat that is centered behind the steering wheel that will still let you get into the aft cockpit lazarette and that raises you high enough to see out of the cockpit? Is there another solution?

Swap Meet / Doyle Mainsail for Sail - $2500
« on: July 20, 2017, 11:56:43 pm »
I have a Never Used Doyle Cruising Mainsail for sail. It was cut for a CSY 44 and used as a back-up, but has been stored clean and dry since its purchase. It is in perfect, never used condition.
Luff - 42.5 ft.
Foot - 15.5 ft.
Triple Stitching
4 Battens
2 Reefing Points located at 70" from the foot and 144" from the foot
Flying Cringles at reefing points for use with double ram's horn reefing hooks
Approximately 12" of Roach
Since it has never been used, I don't have any photos of it rigged, but can supply photos of it laying out on the ground with close-ups of details.
Sail is all white with Doyle logo.
This sail originally cost over $4000 and I have contacted a consignment seller that has said he'd probably ask around $2700 for it in his shop.
I'll take $2500 for it.
Buyer arranges for and pays for shipping.
As of July 2017 I am currently living aboard CSY44 Island Time in Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida.
Although this sail was designed for a CSY44, obviously it would fit any sailboat with these dimensions.
     I am selling this sail because my boat Island Time has a roller furling system, so I have no need for this sail, which is designed to be reefed.
       If you need a new mainsail, this is a great buy.
        Contact Rick McClain - (801) 484-8488 or through this forum.

Systems / Isotherm Refrigerator Cycles On/Off and Won't Cool
« on: June 19, 2016, 01:20:21 pm »
   My 12vdc Isotherm Refrigerator with Danfoss controller starts, runs for a minute or two, then shuts off, and restarts immediately, but won't cool at all. I don't know if this is important, but before I shut it down recently for a haul out, it was running almost constantly and cooling to 15 to 20 degrees in the middle of the compartment.
     There seems to be a sensor that is shutting it down, but I can't locate it and don't know why it would since the cooling water is flowing well and neither the pump or compressor gets hot to the touch, and both seem to be running.
     The unit is cooled with the fresh water in my tanks, and I can hear the water being returned to the tank. I've also removed the sacrificial zinc and allowed water to run out there, just to make sure the flow is good. I've removed all the wires entering the controller and re-inserted each one to clean them. The unit is getting 12.8v at the controller from my house bank that reads 12.96v while the unit runs, and it draws about 6.5 amps as both the compressor and water pump start up each time, but draws very little while it is running, not changing until it shuts down, then immediately restarts. There is some kind of 4 wire switch between the compressor and the pump, and since I had a spare, I put the new one in, but it made no difference. I've removed the thermostat from the circuitry, and that made no difference either.
    I think I almost forgot to mention the most important facts. A pressure/vacuum gauge installed on the low side reads 90 lb. when the unit is running, drops to 83 lb. when it shuts off and will not accept any refrigerant. Being a photographer, not a refrigeration specialist, I don't know what that is indicating, but it certainly seems wrong. It won't draw a vacuum at all.
      I've run out of ideas for a cure and am hoping some unlucky sole on the forum has had the same problem and can help me out with a solution.
      Thanks, Rick McClain on CSY44 Island Time.

Engines and Drive Train / Heat Exchanger Identification and Sources
« on: April 05, 2016, 02:27:29 pm »
Hi, My heat exchanger has degraded on one end where the cap had buckled and leaked. I am hoping I can get it welded and machined back to spec, but am at Marco Island, FL. and am having problems finding someone that can do the welding and machine work.
     I may have to resort to buying a new or used one with the commensurate time and monetary extensions. I can't even figure out who made this part or find suppliers. Sabre thinks they can get one from England in about 4 to  6 weeks, but I don't want to be stuck here for that long. Someone else quoted me $800 for the housing only...too much.
      This is on a Perkins/Sabre M92   4.236 Liter diesel engine in my CSY44.
I need the following parts, derived from a Sabre Parts PFD :

 Front Cap #33902
 Plug  #33948
 O Ring  #10171   - 2ea.
 Body Casing  #34467

My tube stack seems to be in good condition.

Can anyone help me out with information on the maker, suppliers, machine shop nearby, etc. Even a used one in good condition would work for me. I can't find one anywhere. None of my numbers are similar to any numbers I see on any of the internet sites.

See photos at:

Hull and Rig / Gudgeon Bolts on CSY 44 WO
« on: August 04, 2015, 05:00:54 pm »
    New owner of "Island Time" here. I need to replace one or all gudgeon bolts on the rudder of the boat and wonder if anyone knows the exact size and or designation I need to purchase for it.  Also, I'm pretty sure that this can be done in the water, but wondered if anyone knows a good reason that it cannot.I'd hate to have to have her pulled out of the water to replace just bolts.  Am I in for any surprises?
              Rick McClain

Hull and Rig / Bottom Paint with Super Shipbottom Paint
« on: August 28, 2014, 09:40:02 am »
Was able to get the bottom painted and splashed two weeks ago.
Used Super Shipbottom paint - one of the highest content of cuprous oxide but at a much more reasonable price.  Used 2.5 gallons to cover the hull bottom on my 33'.  That was plenty to give multiple coats at water line and other high wear areas.
Did a coat of black and a coat of blue - turned out being 1 gallon of black and 1.5 - 2 gallons of blue.  The blue did not cover as well as the black.  I still have a bit of the blue left over and the results were good.  I'm looking forward to not painting again for a while.

Hull and Rig / Blisters in Borneo
« on: June 01, 2013, 01:04:00 am »
Australis has been up on the hardstand for almost two weeks at the top NW of Borneo in a fishing village called Kudat. We've taken out all the thru hole fittings and the ball valves and have sanded the hull back to the gelcoat - not an easy thing to do in the tropical heat up here.

This is probably the first time our Antigua 44 Walkthru has been taken back to its foundations in many years so I am pleased we've got this far.

Unfortunately we found literally hundreds of blisters on the gelcoat at various sizes from a 5 cent piece to a cup width. I ground into one to a depth of approx 3mm and was sprayed in the face with a yellowy/brown sticky fluid which I know is a result of osmosis. I've dealt with this problem in varying degrees many times in the past on other yachts we have owned or assisting friends on their yachts so I'm not that daunted - just depressed a bit

General Discussion / Almost ready to cast off
« on: May 17, 2013, 06:40:02 pm »
Just need to do a quick shop in town, reattach the last of the wiring behind the nav desk, top up the batteries and then I can start my first solo trip in Australis  ;D  from Kota Kinabalu up to Kudat for a lift out. Approx 90nm which shouldn't be too strenuous and winds are forecast for 5 - 10 for the next week so I think I'll be motoring most of the way. Hopefully the new auto helm will assist with that as I've just installed the replacement course computer and the dockside commissioning worked as per the manual. Just have to do the circles out in the harbour to set it up. - fingers crossed.

I've sailed one up many times on other yachts we've owned but Australis will the biggest and there's always that little bit of trepidation when you venture out for your first time aboard a new vessel on your own.

I'll post some pics when I arrive in Kudat and let you know how I go with the haul out and the hull redo. AS this is the first haulout Australis has had in over 6 years I'll be taking all the antifoul off and sanding back to the gelcoat and then applying two x 2 pack primer coats after I've replaced all the thru hull and valve fittings. Then its a tie coat and the anti foul and back in the drink and the sail back down to Sutera harbour - hopefully in time for my flight back to Oz.

Fair winds,


General Discussion / Australis is returning to the stone age
« on: May 14, 2013, 01:08:28 am »
Heading back to Borneo tomorrow with so many yacht fittings crammed into my luggage the manager of the local Whitworths chandlery in Cairns was convinced I was opening up a Borneo branch in opposition. I'm doing a stop over in Sydney tonight before flying up to KL and then across to Australis in Kota Kinabalu. Which gives me this evening to work out how I can loose 4 kilo's of luggage weight before I board tomorrow.

The checkin luggage came to 34 so I got pipped with another $80. I know that international flights charge a lot more excess luggage so I'm trying to be creative. Part of the problem is that I am also carrying a number of items for other yachts up there as well as a complete set of bronze thru hole fittings, a large orbital sander and 50m of power extention cord.

Being an old fart, I'm noticing more and more of the 'young uns' sporting massive holes in both earlobes through which they inset large round metalic rings, leaving them looking like Masai warriors with baggy pants and hip hop sneakers.

When you go through airport check in and screening, they weigh your bags and then ask you to remove your belt, watch, pens and loose change as you pass through security. But - they never weigh the passenger or ask them to remove their jewellery do they?

So here I am, sitting on the end of the bed in my hotel with two, large bronze thru hole fittings and wondering how the heck I'm going to hang them from my earlobes....

Hull and Rig / Construction photographs
« on: March 22, 2013, 06:16:36 pm »
2nd day back in Borneo and I've reglassed the port cockpit drain, redrilled and rebedded the bronze cockpit insert and repaired the port saloon window leak. This morning I'll start removing all our new electronics out from under the port midship hawser through hole above our nav desk. Then I'll do what many of you have done and heavily reglass the area around that plastic connector and hopefully that will fix the leak there once and for all.

No news from Raymarine about our brand new, but faulty SPX computer auto helm - 4 weeks and they still have not even put it on their test bed yet  :(  In the meantime another yacht in the marina here dropped in 2 spare Raymarine control heads which have a 'heading window' and I believe are a couple of generations newer than our old unit. I now have an old Raymarine 600 auto helm all mounted and connected on one side of the nav wall bulkhead and (when Raymarine finally get round to sending me a replacement SPX 10) the new system on other. If the SPX ever fails, we'll simply unplug it and plug in the standby 600.

As I'm looking at what I need to do, it occurs to me that in all the great resources in this forum, I have never come across any CSY (or Antigua) construction photos. Do any exist?

I there are any still floating about I'd love to see them  :)

Fair winds,

Australis II

Underway / Sailing at last! Quick Vid of our Antigua 44 under sail.
« on: March 17, 2013, 12:11:57 am »
Finally - out on the water at last!  :)

We still have heaps of work to do - the new Raymarine Autohelm controller is still down with their repair division and this trip I'm reglassing that midships hawser thru hole from underneath which will mean removing all our new electronics and the new nav desk wall and table. Two steps forward, one step back as they say.  :-\\

We also have a leak on the starboard main window so I'll look at fixing that as well.

I've just posted a small youtube vid of Australis under sail:

It just occurs to me that we have almost the same cockpit hard dodger and extension as Soggy Paws as well as the clears. A great design guys! well done - we love it too!

You'll also see our new navigation helm pod which we're rather pleased about together with a glimpse of the wind generator atop our mizzen.

We've been documenting our rewiring and the new electronics and 240/12v distribution system as well as the new hydraulic autohelm install so we'll post these shortly.

Again, our great appreciation to everyone for their advice, support and insights as we settle into our new home  :)

Fair winds,

Australis II

Interior / Leaks!!!!
« on: March 08, 2013, 04:20:47 am »
Just returned to Oz two weeks ago after more electronic work and the installation of a new Raymarine SPX-10 Hydraulic Autohelm, course computer, pump and control head. As I mentioned previously, it turned out that the course computer was faulty so I bought it back to oz and its still with Raymarine.

Just before I left Borneo we discovered a leak somewhere above the nag station - all over our new electronics and wiring. We pulled it all out again and I climbed up inside the nav desk and saw a small dripple coming through a bolt holding that bronze hawser fairlead hole just above that stupid 'dip' in the deck near the toenail which just collects water and then goes mouldy. (what purpose does it serve?).

We unbolted and pulled both inside and outside bronze fittings, cleaned and rebolted and sealed all the bolts. A day before my flight I hosed the area and found it was still leaking and climbing further inside realised it was the gate stanchion base. We then pulled them all out, cleaned and rebolted with sikaflex everywhere. This seemed to fix it.

Just got an email from the yacht next door, who have been

General Discussion / Rudder angle
« on: February 12, 2013, 11:50:58 am »
Greetings from Borneo,

We've just finished the complete re wiring of Australis and the installation of a new helm station and Raymarine hydraulic autohelm but are having troubles commissioning it on our 44 Antigua WT.

Can any other 44 WT owners tell us what maximum rudder angles they have from 'lock' to 'lock'?

The factory setting for the new autohelm comes at 30 deg but we've only been able to complete the dockside portion of the commissioning by dialing back to 26 deg. Sound reasonable?

Then when we took to sea to do our 'circles' the unit kept telling us we were turning too fast even though we were doing barely 1.8kts and huge circles.

We have a rudder position unit as part of the new set up and I'm wondering if this is the problem. Tomorrow I'll read the manuals once again and we'll have another go.

Fair winds,


General Discussion / Helm Station Instrument Pod advice
« on: January 19, 2013, 12:59:59 pm »
Greetings from Oz (or in about 12 hrs - Borneo)  :)

Heading back to Borneo and our Antigua 44 WT 'Australis II' today and once more about to test relationships with the airlines about how much yacht gear I can get through on my allocation

Systems / Week 3 Borneo
« on: October 06, 2012, 01:46:44 pm »
Week three and we're making good progress on our Antigua 44. We actually got a glimpse of the cabin sole yesterday!  :D

All the 110v and 12v wiring has been removed along with power points and the old microwave. All replaced now with gleaming 240v wiring looms and plugs and new 12v systems. The distribution board has been dismantled and new boards mounted on the port wall of the engine room which leaves the control panels as simply on/off and now a lot less cluttered. By Monday we should have everything connected and then we'll start on the instrumentation behind the nav desk which, as you will see from the images in the drop box, is a nightmare. Then it's back up the mizzen to mount the new wind generator on top of the pole we've just finished bolting on, replace the packing on the stuffing box, reinstall all the raw, reduce the rpm of the genset to output 240v, install the new traveller system and new sheets and then spoend the next 60 years cleaning up all the mess!  :D  Oh the joys! the joys!

Fair winds

Australis II

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