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General Discussion / HELP, IS THIS A CSY???????
« on: August 30, 2017, 06:56:03 PM »
Hello guys and gals, I am new to the forum, Im in need of some info. I am co-purchasing a "1976 CSY 44 walkover" The owner of the boat hasn't shown me a title yet because the whereabouts are unknown. The yacht is in need of a full restoration(its in ruff shape :(.) We are getting it at a fairly low price so it doesn't bother us much. We have many concerns regarding finding the HIN and if the paperwork matches the boat. Thus said, can we get an Idea of where to look for the HIN? we looked on the back of the transom and couldn't find anything. the owner last registered it in 91 and it has sat in the water for most of its life. I have read the data you guys have on owners and names of the CSY fleet, but our registration numbers don't match. The proprietors state its a prototype, Irwin built for CSY and its HUll number 4. Please someone shed some light! thanks

HIN - CSY578940776
Date built - 1976
manufacture- Irwin

Also couple of other things, we pulled out the motor and generator and have what it seems like a rebuilt westerbeke ready on a pallet. unsure what type of motor since the serial plate number has nothing written. everything in the motor room was stripped! transmission is gone, so we need to know what type of tranny it needs and so forth. We kinda got our hands in a messy situation. if anybody would like to help us figure everything out much appreciated. We are both young and stupid so let us know straight up.

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