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Title: Propane Locker
Post by: Matthew Balch on September 03, 2020, 07:07:35 pm
It's rainy season where I live, and I noticed that the propane locker on my boat was collecting water, (CSY 44 WO).  I keep 2 aluminum tanks there plus a few of the steel 1# tanks for the BBQ.
I found the thru hull drain to be plugged.  It has a very fine screen in the thruhull that can collect bits of corrosion and other stuff.  It's very dangerous to have the drain plugged because it was designed to vent any propane leaks overboard.
The easiest way I found to clear the thru hull and pipe was to get in the inflatable dinghy alongside and use its foot pump to push the blockage out of the thru hull and pipe with compressed air.  Afterwards, some vinegar can be run downhill to clear it out completely.
Finished the job with a new gasket on the locker lid and new caulking on the sheet winch and cleat.
Good to check on this every now and then.