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Title: Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - CSY 44 WT
Post by: searunner on June 24, 2019, 02:46:42 pm
Water intrusion from the aft deck lazarette damaged portions of the thin plywood aft cabin bulkhead, so I removed the damaged veneer, examined repair options and decided on tile.  The challenges associated with tiling include (1) curved vertical surface, (2) bulkhead subject to flexing & (3) edge trim installation would be required to prevent permanent adhesion of grout to the removable teak trim strips.  Project took some time & patience, but results were quite satisfying and it significantly improved the overall appearance of the aft cabin.

Materials list:
•   Bedrosians Acadia Mosaic Islesford ¾”Copper Rounds
•   Schluter Schiene-Radius stainless steel 5/16” edge trim
•   Bostik Ultra-Set Advanced Adhesive (also serves as waterproof membrane)
•   Bostik TruColor RapidCure Urethane Grout (color:  Jamoca)

Annotated photos of the project are posted in the CSY Dropbox folder:  CSY 44 Projects and info / Stern Cabin Mods / Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - Rendezvous
Title: Re: Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - CSY 44 WT
Post by: Doug Vaughn on June 26, 2019, 07:57:08 am
Searunner, I had the same issue on my WT and I too want to use a different finish for the aft bulkhead. Your finished project looks great. Were you able to locate the original leak? Mine was just a bad seal on the starboard portlight. It is hard to tell from the pictures but did you take all the plywood and stringers out down to the fiberglass?
Title: Re: Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - CSY 44 WT
Post by: searunner on June 26, 2019, 11:27:44 am

The origin of my leak was through the aft deck lazarette.  The hoses that drain the lazarette gutter were deteriorated, did not extend past the stern exit holes & the silicon sealer at the stern around the hoses was in poor shape causing water accumulation and intrusion.  I also had a couple of pinholes about a half inch from the bottom of the gutter which allowed seepage into the lazarette when the gutter filled.  It is amazing how fast water in the gutter accumulates during a rainstorm.  The port hinge on the lazarette was also leaking, but that was a quick rebedding job.  Lastly, I put some additional epoxy inside the base of the small stern lazarette drain holes and forward a couple of inches in the bottom of the lazarette to insure a smooth water exit in the event there is future water leakage into the inside of the lazarette.

I did not want to remove or re-veneer the damaged aft bulkhead plywood because it passes under the 3 aft portholes and aft stay bolts.  Additionally, like you, I was looking for an alternative, more attractive surface.  After sanding off the water damaged veneer and plywood areas, I filled any low areas with thickened West System epoxy and prepared the entire surface with 2 coats of epoxy, followed by rough sanding to ensure good adhesion for the tile.  I chose the adhesive & grout after extensive research because of the need to ensure it would withstand some flexing of the bulkhead and for the tile selection, since the copper rounds are only 3/4" diameter, they would conform to the curved surface.  One box (11 sheets) of the tile was sufficient for coverage (with just over a sheet left over) and weighs less than 25 pounds total per box.  The stainless steel edge trim was somewhat challenging because it, of course, does not bend or drill easily and I had to drill an extra screw hole in a few of the trim flanges to pull the stainless steel flush against the bulkhead where it was particularly concave.

Hope this helps,

Title: Re: Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - CSY 44 WT
Post by: Doug Vaughn on June 26, 2019, 10:37:51 pm
Thanks for the info. I certainly understand the reluctance to removing the plywood down to fiberglass because of the portlights. It would make the project much more difficult. Not sure which way I'll deal with it but I'm in no real rush, waiting for cooler weather in the fall.
Title: Re: Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - CSY 44 WT
Post by: Peter Roach on October 19, 2019, 03:31:36 pm
There is a .dxf file for an aft bulkhead on Dropbox. I used it to cut out a thin plywood that I covered like a headboard for a bed. I made the openings big enough for the trim rings around the ports so I did not have to redo these. Remember to epoxy the board and you will never have this problem again.

Also, I took out the deck box (great view when laying in bed). I replaced the silly little drain hoses with 1" fiberglass pipe that is glassed in place. Drains quite nice now.

Mine is a WO.

BTW - my login has not been working until recently. Wonder what changed?
Title: Re: Aft Cabin Bulkhead Remodel - CSY 44 WT
Post by: Soggy Geek on October 05, 2020, 11:13:11 pm
We stopped in San Diego on our way back to the Philippines late last year, and saw Rendezvous' tiled aft bulkhead.  It looked really nice.  Here is what we ended up doing on Soggy Paws before we sold her.  It really made the aft cabin look nice.  With nice wood and carpenters at $12 per day in the Philippines, it cost us very little.


Actually, this is the VBerth, but we did the same strip planking design in the aft cabin too.  My pictures of that look goofy because of the lighting.