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Title: Running Rigging
Post by: Cameron on May 30, 2019, 04:32:29 pm
Hello All,
I am the new owner of an 1980 walkover. The boat is currently demasted and on the hard. As it is in St Maartin and I am in Atlanta, I am curious to know if anyone can give me a complete list of lines I would need for replacement. The whole rig is a bit new to me so I am a bit in the dark. I can say that both the headsail and the main are on roller furlings, and that there is no traditional traveler, but instead 3 pullies aft the cockpit and 1 winch. If she mast was up it would be much easier to know whats needed, but as she sits now I am just a bit uncertain of whats needed. My intent is to purchase lines here in the states and ship down along with other gear.
Thanks in advance...
Title: Re: Running Rigging
Post by: svsurprise on May 30, 2019, 09:02:34 pm
I'll take a stab on this.  My 44 W/o has:

110' 1/2" main sheet (same 3 blocks as yours)  Probably just New England Sta-Set

75" 5/8" jib sheets.  Again, Sta-Set

110' 1/2" or 7/16" jib halyards (roller furling).  I am downsizing on the 7/16" beause of an added inner fuller with a smaller halyard block.  The primary jib furler is 1/2".  I use Sta-set X lower stretch for these.

My main is also roller furling but is wire and hasn't needed replacement.  I would imagine 100' would be more than adequate.  If I replaced it I would also go low stretch.

I hope this helps. 
Title: Re: Running Rigging
Post by: Matthew Balch on May 31, 2019, 08:02:00 am
Hi Cam,
In addition to the estimates Don gave, here are some additional considerations.  If your new boat has the tall rig, (double sets of spreaders), your halyards will need to be longer.  I didn't see any mention of the staysail.  That will need a halyard and sheets also.  I used 1/2" for that.  On the yankee sheets, 5/8" is good, but you can go larger, up to 3/4" if desired.  Don's figure of 75' is for each yankee sheet, so you will need to procure 150'.  Do you want a spare halyard, there should be an extra sheeve for that at the mast head.  Will you be flying a spinnaker?  Roller-furler control lines, topping lift will be smaller diameter low stretch.

If I were in your situation outfitting a new to me boat in a remote place, I would probably take these calculations and purchase partial spools of 1/2"and 5/8" and not cut any of that line until it is fitted to the rig.  This way you can be sure of the measurements and not be caught a wee bit too short.  Shipping it from Atlanta or purchasing it in Sint Maartin would depend on cost and availability.
Good luck! Matthew
Title: Re: Running Rigging
Post by: Cameron on June 01, 2019, 04:05:20 pm
Thanks very much for the info. No, no staysail or spin (although that may come later) Right now I am just trying to get her home safely with the minimum but right equipment. Definitely appreciate it!

Title: Re: Running Rigging
Post by: Matthew Balch on June 01, 2019, 05:56:03 pm
Hi Cam,
We are happy to help you out in outfitting your boat.  You can text me with photos at 3oh5 81two 577three, if you would like.  It sounds like you have a great downwind sail from STM to the USA once you are finished with your outfitting and sea trials.