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Title: 44 WT blower for frig and engine and battery exhaust
Post by: LittleSkipper on September 09, 2017, 05:18:22 pm
Hi All,

I have read the 2012 thread here (http://csyowners.com/forums/index.php?topic=3558.msg3558#msg3558) and the Topica articles it mentioned about engine compartment/blowers. I believe those addressed WOs because I could not follow them very well as I considered our boat a WT.

1) I am interested in venting heat from the refrigerator(air cooled) which has both compressors mounted on top of it.  I am considering some kind of vent from that space through the outer cockpit coaming. I believe the space above the refrigerator is just below the cockpit winch mounting surfaces aft of the propane lockers. 

2) I am considering positive ventilation on the other side (same location as above) to exhaust the engine/workroom/battery space.

I think my big concern is about water infiltration or back flow through the vents. They would be mount below(underneath)  the winches on the outside of the cockpit coaming above the deck but on the side of the boat's cockpit coaming. Problem is the deck is not that far away and it is the side of the boat.  How likely do you think water would be a problem getting into the boat from vents if they were placed there?    Bad idea?  Other ideas?   Just live with not venting?

I understand a keel cooler would be a win-win but $$ does not support that option at this time.

Also when the engine is running at moderate to upper revs it is moving enough air to vents its space.   I would like to positively vent the battery space with out the engine running. We are planning solar and wind to charge the batteries at this time. 

Thoughts? Comments?

Title: Re: 44 WT blower for frig and engine and battery exhaust
Post by: Soggy Paws on September 16, 2017, 12:54:55 pm
I owned WT 35 Soggy Paws for 20 years.
I cut 4" vent holes in the outside of the cockpit combing as you are contemplating- port side for the engine room vent blower and starboard side for the galley vent blower over the stove.  If you use the type of vent hole covers that also have a plate that will keep out rain and ocean spray you can use that when needed.   The vent blowers make a lot of noise so you won't want to run them for long unless the engine is running.
Mounting the refrig systems above the refrig boxes is a bad idea both from a heat standpoint but also access is difficult.  How about moving them down to under the small seat just inside of the aft cabin?  I installed my refrig compressor there and vented it with a muffin fan out the inboard wall.

You should also consider moving your batteries out of the engine room.  Heat when the engine is charging the batteries is a battery killer.  I split my house bank, one set under the nav table and the other in place of the trash bin.

For the refrig systems an option would be to use large quieter muffin fans to remove heat from the Danfoss compressors.  If you are running them at full speed the literature says you must do that.  The permanent fix is  is a Frigoboat keel cooler system.

Finally, if you are going to be cruising in the tropics I recommend using only solar as an alternate energy source, no wind.  650 watts is enough to recharge to 100% on a daily basis 98% of the time.

See my notes on these issues on our website SVSoggypaws.com/Workshop

Title: Re: 44 WT blower for frig and engine and battery exhaust
Post by: LittleSkipper on September 25, 2017, 10:59:06 am
Hi Dave,

That is very good news. Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear I am thinking along the same lines as you about the vents. I will hunt down to covers with a plate as you suggest.  I also agree with your other recommendations and may very well make those changes but we need more time aboard for now.

Great seeing you and Sherry at the SSCA Annapolis GAM.