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Title: New Members Read This!
Post by: Soggy Geek on April 23, 2017, 10:27:44 PM
Unfortunately, because there are so many unscrupulous spammers out there (yes, there ARE many people, daily, trying to break in to the forum to post spam), I have had to add security settings so hopefully only real humans can get in to post on our site.

For your first TWO posts on the forum, you will have to answer some simple questions to prove you are human, before your post will be admitted.  Any sailor should know the answer to these questions.

After the first two posts, then the silly questions will go away.  Make the second post a "Hello" post in the General Discussion area!

As I try to eliminate spammers who have registered, I look at the information in the profile.  If you look like a sailor in your registered name, email address, and boat name, I surely won't delete you.  If you look like a spammer, I probably will!!  So take the time to fill out a little information in your profile.

Admin (who has better things to do besides blocking spammers all day!)
Title: Re: New Members Read This!
Post by: Atanua on January 12, 2018, 04:47:56 PM
Thanks for adding me!