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Title: 33 Sail Configurations
Post by: Sassara on February 09, 2014, 08:55:01 pm
I am curious as to the findings of fellow 33 owners that have experimented with sail configurations (type, size, weight, cloth, shape etc.  I will be in the market for a new suit of sails in the next year so wanted to see what you learned.  I am thinking: loose foot, full batten, two reef points, over sized roach, around 8oz main with 100% roller furled high cut head sail at 7 oz, a 8 oz loose footed staysail coupled with an asy spinnaker.  Also, what have you learned about trying to move the center of effort forward to reduce weather helm?  

Lastly, I friggen love my CSY 33 Cinnabar.  Its still tougher than I am dumb.  Charlie
Title: Re: 33 Sail Configurations, loose footed Staysail, anchor riding sail
Post by: SVTrinity on April 26, 2019, 07:40:05 am
Even though this is a very old post, it looks to be the most recent on this topic. Just purchased our 33. We love this boat. It came with no staysail, nor staysail rigging. The highcut jib/yankee looks to be appropriate to the original sail plan. The boat definitely feels under-powered when trimmed for balance without that second sail. We have purchased a Catalina 30 standard rig storm jib (by National Sail Supply) for use as a loose footed rig. We raised it once to check dimensions and it looks to be a perfect fit. We have hauled out for refit/hurricane season. We'll update on how well it works upon relaunch in October and we've got a stay in place. The sail is 77 sq ft hank on in 8 oz with steel cabling.

Also, interested in hearing from other 33 owners on downwind set-up: i.e. whisker pole(s), spinnaker, etc.

Also, interested in hearing from other 33 owners on anchor riding sails if you've got something that works. We've experimented and haven't been able to eliminate the side to side wandering when on the hook.
Title: Re: 33 Sail Configurations
Post by: ChrisK on December 11, 2019, 10:11:53 am
SV TRINITY...PLEASE CONTACT ME EITHER HERE OR AT FACEBOOK GROUP "CSY 33 owners and fans" to discuss CSY 33 Issues.   I know Keith and I have a CSY 33 BOLERO.   TNX.