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Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: on September 08, 2013, 07:47:47 PM
Never understood the name of their products... but if anyone has any up close and personal experience with these units that is willing to share I'd appreciate hearing it.
Title: Electro Scan
Post by: Warren Daniels on September 09, 2013, 11:01:48 PM
I have an electro scan in my forward head.
Title: Electro Scan
Post by: RHoodJr on September 11, 2013, 08:20:34 PM
Everything and anything you can offer is appreciated.

Are you happy with the unit?
If you installed it yourself, how did you feel it all went?
How much power do you feel it consumes from you daily amp draw?
Any pros you can offer.
Any cons you can offer.

Title: Electro Scan
Post by: Peter Roach on September 12, 2013, 09:46:31 AM
The Purasan is almost unworkable for a sailboat. It needs a drop of X inches (can't remember exactly) to allow gravity feed. It is almost impossible to get that drop in a CSY sailboat. They gave me a chemical pump to make it work. A little bit of a rube goldberg.
Title: Electro Scan
Post by: Gypsy Rose on November 26, 2013, 11:20:55 AM
I'm on my second unit since '96. Installed under the forward shower seat and plumbed to the original through-hull under the sink on a 44 WO. When it works, it beats a holding tank by far. Unfortunately, my experience is that it needs a new electrode pack about every 2 years at a cost of $400. We live aboard so the usage rate is high. That means we need to clean it at least 1-2 times a year which is simply adding muriatic acid manually, let it sit for 30 minutes and manually pump it out.

You can buy a re-built one from the Raritan shop in Ft. Lauderdale for bout $700.00, but you have to go there to make sure the fittings installed match your planned installation. They refuse to sell them to you unless you go to the store. I bought both units there. Had to ship the second one back as checked baggage since I now live in Galveston.

Would I do it again? Probably, but recognize they are not maintenance free and repair is expensive and not pleasant.  

When it's working right, expect a power draw of 10 amps in the macerating phase (1-2 min.) and around 25-30 amps in the treatment cycle (2-3 min.) Beats emptying a holding tank!

By the way, the original model name was Lectra-san. They've upgraded to a new and improved version , the Electro-scan. It's supposed to draw slightly less current, but still has the problematic electrode pack.
Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: Dave Newstead on December 01, 2013, 10:37:53 AM
you mentioned putting muriatic acid in the unit to clean the electrodes.  how much do you put in?  also where do you put the acid.  I have not had the unit out since I've owned the boat.  Do you just take the top off the unit and pour the acid in where the electrodes are?
Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: Gypsy Rose on December 01, 2013, 10:58:02 AM
judst mix at a ration of 1 muriatic to 4 water in a bucket. pour it in the head and hand pump it through until you piump dry. It'll also clean the hoses a bit. The key is to mke sure the electrosan does not activate. If you're electric, just use the manual pump handle s you don't fire up the electrosan. Let the mix sit around an hour then thoroughy mnually pump it out. I pump 100 strokes to be safe. you can use the electric head pump so lang as the electrosan des not activate. Apparently, the acid can damage the $275 electrodes.

Go to Rarttan Engineering's web-site and you can donload the manual which includes these inste=re=uctions though now they recommend a different acid instead of muriatic.
Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: RHoodJr on December 02, 2013, 08:04:57 PM
Hello all,

Installation complete.  Raritan says you need to have the top of the unit at or below the discharge of the head.  This apparently isn't critical as long as you provide a downward slope to the unit from the head so to be sure with our installation I made sure there was an initial rise after the 3 way valve so I could accomplish this.  

I plumbed everything in SHD 40 PVC pipe with a short piece of hose at the transition to the thru hull.  I used a Headhunter 3 way valve to allow either a head discharge to the MSD or directly overboard.  A Y was used on the return of the MSD to join the two discharges together just before the sea cock.

I can't comment yet on the actual use of the unit because of our limited use so far but as far as the installation all seems to be sound and working the way I had envisioned it to do so.


Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: MyBlueHeaven on January 10, 2014, 02:56:04 PM
I have one mounted in the same under the shower seat config mentioned in a previous post. I just put mine in 2 months ago. The rubber on the toilet pump blew out before I could really use it. Im currently in fresh water an getting the salt mix high enough is a challenge. If you are in fresh water too, I'd recommend the 4 gallon salt tank vs the 2 gallon. My current and largest problem with the system is the malability of the plastic fittings. There is a "nut" on top of the center section of the unit that you would need to remove to winterize or drain the unit. Mine was screwed in so tight, I cannot remove it and have basically destroyed the shape of it while trying. Having paid a nice sum and never having used it really, I am not terribly happy that regular maintenance cannot be performed on the unit because a cheap plastic part failed. I'm still working on this. I will probably have to uninstall the system to do anything about it..not happy about that at all. My tip would be remove and reinstall that nut on top of the center collum before you install the unit in the shower seat or other tight space. Maybe that part is just tight as all get out from the factory...whatever the reason just make sure you can remove it while you can still get leverage on it.
All of that being said, I will likely put one in the aft lav too. (not sure where yet...tips appreciated), but believe in the long run these systems beat cruising with a smelly waste tank... Not sure where that would go either...and nowhere I can think of that I could get used to a persistent chemical toilet smell.
Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: Brett on March 26, 2014, 09:07:29 AM
I just picked one of these up in December because it was a deal that I couldn't refuse.  I have been wondering exactly where I would squeeze it in and that under the shower seat idea is just the ticket....thanks!!  I had spoken to a few installers who recommended mounting it near the holding tank but that would seem to make that area excessively hard to access.
Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: Clement on September 30, 2014, 08:12:59 PM
Hi Brett
Where is your holding tank?
Title: Electro Scan (aka LectraSan MSD)
Post by: Brett on October 01, 2014, 10:03:20 AM
Our holding tank is just above the bilge mounted under the floor partially under the galley counter area. The holding tank won't be in the circuit with the unit however.
Title: Re: Electro Scan
Post by: Brett on December 02, 2017, 10:30:35 AM
I'm on my second unit since '96. Installed under the forward shower seat and plumbed to the original through-hull under the sink on a 44 WO.

Unfortunately, our unit has been siting in the box all this time...cruising and other fun has interfered with the install.....since we have installed a hatch in the forward shower seat and can now access that space, I thought it was time to try to get this done.  Although now I'm unsure there is enough room in that area for easy access to the plumbing and the unit.  Gypsy Rose ....did you put your access hatch on the front of the seat or the top ? ....I'm thinking about putting the unit under the V berth instead....any thoughts ?